What is Stock Market

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Friends, welcome to all of you on our wonderful website. So, today we will see, What is a stock market? In today’s era, many people are investing in the stock marketThe stock market is one such way in which you can earn money from your money. In America, more than 50% of people invest in the stock market, and in India, only 3% of people invest in the stock market. This is because people in India do not have information about the stock market.

what is stock market
what is stock market

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Today we will know in this article, what is a stock market. What happens to the stock? And at the same time, you will know what is the stock market.

First, let’s see,

What is Stock?

Stock is also known by some other names.

Such as – StockShare, and Equity

StockShare, or Equity is all the same.

● Stock:-

When the capital of a company is divided into small, equal parts, the smallest part of the capital that comes from that is called ‘Stock’.

For example, suppose there is an Abc company. The value of that company is Rs 1 crore, and the company divides the capital of one crore into 1 lakh separate, equal parts. Now the cost of each divided is Rs.100. This small part of the capital is called a Stock. In this way, if the Abc company is divided into full shares, now the capital of the company will be called ‘Share Capital’.

Which will be like this –

Total no. of Stock X Stock Price = Share Capital

1 Lakh Shares X100 (One Share) = 1 Crore Total Share Capital |


● Stock is a part of the company:-

Now you must have understood that share means a small part of the company. That is, whenever you buy Stocks by paying money, you buy a small part of that company. The person investing money in this is the owner of the business. Similarly, the number of stocks you have in a company, you become the owner in that company equal to the price of those shares.

Let us understand this with a few examples –

Suppose you have 100 stocks of Reliance, and the price of one stock is 300. So it means, you have invested 100 stocks X 300 = 30000 (Thirty thousand rupees) in Reliance. And you will be the sharer in the profit and loss on this thirty thousand. That is, you are the owner of Reliance equal to 30 thousand rupees.

Know more-

● Stock Market Profit:-

Let us also know how profit is earned by buying and selling shares.

There are two main ways to earn money from shares. The first is to earn dividends. And the second is to make a profit by selling the share when the price of the stock increases, that is, value growth income. You can earn money from the stock market in these two ways.

So let’s know, their meaning:-

Dividend:-According to the management decision of the company, you will get dividends as part of the profit in the future of the company in which you are holding shares, that company will make a profit in the future. And in this way, you can earn income in the form of dividends by investing in the shares of the company. You do not need to do any hard work for this income. You can earn money by just sitting at home.

Stock Value Growth:-

If the company is doing good business continuously, then you can invest in that company. Suppose there is a company Abc. Its stock price is Rs 70, you bought ten shares of that company, which means 70 X 10 = Rs 700 you invested in that company. After 2 months, the share value of that company increased from 70 to 100. That means now 100 X 10 = 1000. This means that the 700 rupees you had invested became 1000 rupees of that 700 rupees. In this way, you can earn money by selling the shares when the share price increases, you can earn money by increasing the share value.

Let us now see – What is the market?

We all know, the market is a place where something is bought and sold. Where many types of shopkeepers sit with their goods at their shop. And the buyer comes to the market to buy the goods he needs and buys the goods after bargaining with the shopkeeper.

It is necessary to have two people in the market,

First, the buyer.

Second, the seller.

Now let’s see this, what is Stock Market?

Simply put, the stock market is a market where shares are bought and sold. An investor can place an order to buy and sell any shares to the stock exchange through a system. The stock exchange fulfills the buy or sell orders.

Stock Market Crash
Stock Market

● Indian Stock Market:-

The timing of the stock market in India is from 09:15 am to 03:30 am from Monday to Friday. Mainly there are 2 largest stock exchanges in India. BSE ( Bombay Stock Exchange ) and NSE ( National Stock Exchange ) |

In the olden days, shares were bought and sold in the market. But now with the advent of computers, everything is done sitting at home on the internet. You can buy and sell shares online only through the internet or mobile. You do not need to go to Mumbai to buy or sell shares. With the help of your online banking and a trading and debit account with any stock broker, you can buy and sell shares from anywhere in the world.


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