Need For Stock Market

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Need of stock market
Need For Stock Market

Why Do We Need the Stock Market?

Indian Economy:

From the Point of View of the Country’s Economy:

The stock market is like blood in the country’s economy, the stock market of any country is an indicator of the progress of that country. The stock market also tells about the industrial progress of the country and the condition of the economic system.

By the way, the Stock Market has a great contribution to the progress of the country. So let’s see, the contribution of the Stock Market to the country’s economy.

Contribution of the Stock Market to the Country’s Economy:

To remove the lack of capital for industrial development.

To provide economic stability in the country.

Giving everyone a chance to take advantage of the stock market.

Need For Control On Capital Market Stock Market:

From the point of view of the investor, there is a buying and selling of shares in the stock market. And a buyer of a share needs a seller of shares and a seller of similar shares needs a buyer. And all this is done very easily with the help of STOCK MARKET. Without the stock market, the common man cannot even think of buying and selling SHARES.

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Benefits to the Investor From the Stock Market: 


A MARKET PLACE TO BUY AND SELL Shares | This is easily available to all the people, This is easily possible with the help of STOCK EXCHANGE or STOCK MARKET.


With the help of STOCK MARKET, today you can easily buy and sell any stock from anywhere with the help of the Internet.


Because of the STOCK MARKET, you get a huge benefit from CASH LIQUIDITY in STOCK INVESTMENT. You can buy and sell stock whenever you want. And you easily get CASH instead of SHARE or SHARE instead of CASH.


Because of the Stock Market, we do not have to worry about the maintenance of SHARES. All our shares are safe in Stock Wallet ie DEMAT ACCOUNT.

Profit Opportunity:

The stock market of the country gives a chance to everyone, to earn good profit by investing in the stock market. With the help of STOCK MARKET, anyone can invest from anywhere.

NEED OF STOCK MARKET – From the point of view of the industry, STOCK MARKET is the best option for getting capital for every big company today.

What is the Importance of the Stock Market For Any Company:

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The capital received by the company by STOCK MARKET is for as long as the company is in existence, there is no responsibility on the company to return any kind of capital. Therefore the capital obtained from the company’s STOCK MARKET is LONG TERM FINANCE.

No interest burden on capital:

The capital received from the stock market, along with long-term capital, is such capital on which it does not have to pay any interest, whereas the company has to pay interest on any other type of loan.


The person who has the number of shares in the listed company in the Stock Market, that person is liable only up to the value of those shares. That is, the risk of the shareholders of that company is limited to the extent of the value of the shares. By investing properly in the stock market, more profit can be earned than any other investment.

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